LAGOS Faculty Advisor

A Message from Dr. Loretta Fernandez
Faculty Advisor for LAGOS

I am truly honored to be the Advisor for the Latin American Graduate Students’ Organization (LAGOS). This organization is of utterly importance to the Pitt community because it supports students to promote their perspective as Latinos within the University of Pittsburgh.

Becoming a member of this organization enables students to develop leadership and organizational skills, but also to shape and influence the University as an environment that promotes an open and honest debate about cultural diversity. The presence of an institutionalized organization is vital to help Latinx students develop their own voice at Pitt. It provides a VOICE to the specific needs and perspectives from being part of the Latinx culture.

Moreover, LAGOS supports graduate students explore how their Latinx culture informs their voices as future professionals and scholars and enables access to University resources. I encourage any Latinx graduate student who wants to find a place for affirmative action to participate to the LAGOS organization to build together a Latinx community at Pitt!


Loretta Fernandez, PhD
Visiting Assistant Professor
Foreign Language Education
Department of Teaching, Learning and Leading
University of Pittsburgh 


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