2020-2021 Incoming Graduate Student Welcome Letters

LAGOS Mission

The Latin American Graduate Organization of Students (LAGOS) works to enhance graduate student life for graduate and professional students who identify as Latin American, Latino/a/x, or Hispanic at University of Pittsburgh. LAGOS provides a campus-wide structure that ensures a safe environment for all students while advocating for the social, political, and academic needs in a culturally congruent fashion. LAGOS hosts social events, programming, and activism to ensure equality for Latinx students on campus.

*LAGOS is open to all students regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, or nationality

LAGOS is a SORC Certified Organization.


We strive to promote a safe space of graduate and professional students through guidance, mentorship, and building of strong, meaningful relationships.


LAGOS is gradually increasing membership with incoming graduate students who identify as Latinx/Hispanic. Contact us through social media, our website, or e-mail to get involved.


Our role as a Latinx association is to make you feel accepted. Our highest endeavor is to ameliorate your concerns/questions and guide you through a safe space and thriving community.

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